Cleaning and inspection
  • Fully disassemble watch, removing all cap
    and hole jewels and clean in a three
    solution agitation cleaner
  • Inspect escapement assembly for
    wear and damage (pallet jewels,
    pivots and hole jewels)
  • Inspect balance assembly, including
    pivots, and jewels for wear
  • Inspect the gear train (including
    mainspring barrel) for wear at pivots,
    jewels, and bearing holes.
  • Install new mainspring.
  • Inspect keyless mechanism and
    motion work.
  • Remove all cap jewels and end-

  • Polish jewel holes with pegwood.
  • Oil and replace all cap jewels and end-
  • Oil all bearing holes (jeweled and non-
  • Oil pallet jewels
  • Oil Canon Pinion
Cleaning/Oiling/Regulate Checklist

  • Bring regulator within 50% of either  side
    of center
  • Check balance to ensure sufficient
  • Adjust regulator on timing machine
  • Check positional error for extremes
  • Bench test for 2 days