Repair Methodology
It is important for the customer to understand
how his or her watch is repaired.  There are
levels of repair and restoration, and this is
covered on the
page.  However, I maintain a basic level of
service for any work done.  The following is a list
of methods and principles that I adhere to:

All repair and materials used will be period
correct for any particular watch.

Leave no
additional fingerprints
Fingerprints of past users are often encountered
on the movement plates, and are difficult to
remove as the oils have etched them into the
brass. The original finish on the surface will be

If I happen upon a past repair that is not
appropriate historically or the repair has been
done incorrectly, I will correct the issue after
consultation with the owner. In the end, I don’t
want any future watchmaker shaking his or her
head at my repair job.

Watches of different grade/quality
I attempt to apply the same principles, whether it
is a railroad grade watch, or a lower grade 7
jeweled pocket watch.  However, I understand
that cost may be an issue, so the customer will
always be consulted on a case by case basis.

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General Repair/Restoration Methods

Methods and tools are used
I enjoy using period tools and techniques for
repair.  However, I do use some modern
methods for practical reasons.  For example, I
use an electronic timing and diagnostic
machine.  I also use modern synthetic

The Bottom Line
Any repair work the that I complete will be
performed in an ethical manor and according to
"best practices" as generally understood
throughout the mechanical watch repair
industry, and will
always be made after
consultation with the owner of the piece