Can My Antique or Vintage Watch be Repaired?

Perhaps you have found an antique watch in a box of family heirlooms, or a nice old timepiece at an antique store. You wind it and shake it, it may run a bit an then stop, or it just may seem frozen in time, no signs of life. Can it be brought back to life?

In most cases the answer is yes. Often it is just a matter of servicing the watch, and perhaps Installing a new mainspring. We have restored some pretty hopeless looking watches. If it is a decent quality watch it may even keep very good time.

Parts are sometimes an issue, but if it is a well known watch make, usually parts can be found. I have a small machine shop, and many parts can be made. I also have outside resources for parts manufacture.

There are, however, some instances were the watch is very damaged or worn making it difficult to successfully restore. Some low grade watches (cylinder escapement, cheaper pin pallet or ‘Timex” watches) just we’re not made to be serviced or repaired.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I can provide advice over the phone or email. I can also help determine the value of the watch, and a rough cost of restoration.