Vintage Rolex Service, Repair, and Restoration

I offer full service and repair of vintage Rolex timepieces for models before 2011 +/- (when Rolex terminated all parts contracts with non-authorized repair centers). I am not affiliated with Rolex, nor am I an authorized repair center. My expertise lies in the mechanical restoration of “older” model Rolex timepieces.

Vintage Rolex Service

A complete service for a Rolex involves disassembly, inspection, cleaning, oiling, and timing of the movement. All gaskets are replaced and greased in the case, and the crystal is replaced if needed. The case is pressure tested for water resistance (see water resistant testing for vintage watches).

Case polishing

Polishing the case for any vintage watch is a point of some controversy among collectors, especially Rolex. If the watch is “newer” and the case is in good condition with light scratches, I can polish these scratches out and provide a “like new” look if so desired. The older the watch is, and the deeper the scratches, excess polishing will start to deform the case and soften I’ll the nice sharp edges. I will always consult with the owner before buffing the case. I recommend little or no polishing on older worn cases.


New old stock parts for repair of Rolex watches (such as the Calibre 1530) are still relatively plentiful, but expensive. There is a finite supply of parts for vintage Rolex watches, and the older the watch the more difficult it can be to find commonly worn parts. I do specialize in repairing existing parts. I also work with a machine shop that can manufacture some parts if needed. For some insight into the problem of repairing older precision watches such as Rolex see “Why servicing a vintage Rolex will only get harder and more expensive”.