What is the Cost to Service your Watch?

The best way for me to provide a rough quote for service or repair is to call or email me. But to help give you some idea of cost, I have provided some general cost ranges for a full disassembly serviceThis cost does not include return shipping or any repairs or parts or repair that may be needed*:

  • Time Only Watch: $210-$275
  • Time + Calendar: $250-$300
  • Automatic Wrist Watch/calendar: $285-$425
  • Chronograph Three Register: $465-$600
  • Repeater: $800 and up
  • New Mainspring: add $38 with a service. 

To provide a firm quote though I always will need to inspect the watch for possible repair issues. Feel free to contact me (email or phone call), and I can provide a pretty good idea of the cost.

*Depending on the make of the watch, replacing parts can get quite expensive. If we cannot find the part, then a parts movement may need to be purchased or the part will need to be manufactured.