Rolex Explorer II: Rust Repair Model 1655 with 1570 movement

Here is yet another example of a Rolex that came into the shop with rust damage. The water intrusion spared the greater portion of the movement from corrosion, but it did severally damage the date wheel seating ring. This part gently holds the date wheel, using three jewels to allow ring to rotate silky smooth. This module is critical to the signature instantaneous date change Rolex movements are known for.

This seating ring consists of a thin “shelf” that the ring rests on and three jewels around the ring, two of which have polished steel caps that hold the ring in place. The seating ring shelf and caps sustained deep rust. A replacement needed to be found, but this part is not easy to find. Fortunately I located another seating ring that was in good condition, but someone had pilfered the two hole jewels and one of the steel caps. Here is where some skill in small parts manufacturing comes in very handy. In order to restore this rust damaged Rolex, a special jewel setting and a small polished disk had to be made and fitted to a used part. After repair, the date function worked smoothly, and the rest of the watch was put back in good running order. Please visit my homepage if you are in need of vintage watch repair

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