Repairing your Vintage Watch: Getting Started

How To Proceed:

Contact me, and I can help you identify your watch and provide a rough estimate for service or repair. If you decide to move forward, please send the watch in for inspection, and I will give a firm quote (Please see the shipping page). For a rough idea of cost, see Cost of Service. If you opt not to proceed with the work before the watch is disassembled, the watch will be shipped back to you, and all you pay is the cost of shipping. If I have to disassemble the watch to provide an estimate, then a nominal re-assembly fee will be requested.


 Being a sole proprietor, when you contact my business, you will be contacting me personally. Most of the work is done directly by me (exceptions may include specialized case repair, or complex parts manufacturing). If you have any questions or concerns, I will respond promptly (if I don’t feel free to contact me). Although email is my primary form of communication, nothing can take the place of a phone conversation. I am always available during business hours if you would like to call me. 

Digital photos are available upon request of the repair process and can be emailed before, during, and after work.