SERVICE & REPAIR: Universal Genève Polerouter


The Universal Genève Polerouter was designed (by known designer Gerald Genta) to commemorate Scandanavian Airlines Systems polar flights from North America (LA, New York) directly to Europe. The name ”Polerouter” originated from the original name idea of Polarouter (flight route over the north pole). The original antimagnetic pieces were issued to the SAS’s pilots who flow this particularly challenging route. This model then went on to become a successful family of timepieces for Universal Genève. For more information on the history visit A Brief History of the Universal Geneve Polerouter

215-27 micro-rotor movement used in later models

Movement and Service

Although later models were fitted with the 215-27 micro-rotor movement, the piece that I am servicing has the original 138 SS bumper movement introduced in 1948. Although not as efficient as rotor automatics, the bumper-style movement in this watch was in good shape and worked well. Fitted with anti-shock balance jewels and an indirect drive sweep seconds hand, the movement was in very good condition. After complete disassembly inspection and cleaning, it ran well and kept good time.

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