Checking the Power Train
 The plates and wheel are now pre-assembled
and checked for freedom (See Fig.7).

The Plates are then taken apart again, and all
of the pivots are inspected.  This has revealed
that some of the pivots will need to be polished,
as signs of wear are apparent. You will also note
that there are some nasty dark stains on the
brass.  I will use a different chemical soaking
treatment to attempt to remove these stains as
much as possible.  The spring barrel is soaked
(see Fig. 8) in an attempt to loosen and minimize
the stain left from crystallized grease.
Cylinder Escapement Pocket Watch Restoration
 The upper balance cock jewel is missing, and
the lower jewel is cracked, so it is removed
leaving empty settings ready to accept new
jewels. The cap jewel for the upper cock is
missing as well (see Fig. 9).

 One option is to make small brass settings that
can be fit with small friction balance jewels (see
Fig. 10), and these brass settings will then be
burnished into the exiting holes.  As original
'rub-in' jewels are very difficult to find and are not
made any more, this option allows for
replacement without altering the plates.

As the existing hairspring is in very bad shape,
a blank hairspring has been found and will be
"vibrated" to the balance wheel (see Fig. 11).

fig. 7
fig. 8
fig. 9
fig. 10
fig. 11