Common wear and issues found in old watches

Worn balance staff pivot.
Notice the cone shape wear

Worn wheel pivot.  
Notice the mushroom
shape.  This is what
happens when a
watch is run for years
without service.

Bent balance pivot
(extreme!).  Usually
easier to make new
staff than to attempt

What the pivot
should look like!

The picture on the left shows the oil dried up on
a cap jewel. This is 5 years after a full service
and the watch was
never used.  Oil dries up
after several years with or without use. The
right picture shows fresh oil placed after

This picture shows a pallet fork after
several years of use, and perhaps a
poor cleaning.  Notice the residue of
old oil and dirt on the jewels and
steel.  You can just see on the right
where I have polished the dirt and oil

Worn balance jewel.
Notice the oval hole
(it should be round)