Waltham 1857 Service
 The watch is first carefully dis-assembled, and
a preliminary inspection is done.  The plates are
badly spotted (fig. 1,2), and show signs of past
watchmaker wear and general brass dis-coloring.

All of the pieces will be run through a cleaning
solution that will brighten up the brass.  No
actual contact polishing is done, as this would
compromise the original finish on the plates. It is
strictly a "hands off" cleaning.
 Jewels are inspected for wear, pivots are
checked for scoring and wear patterns.  The
mainspring on this watch is an older blue spring
and is "set" (it does not have 'spring' it once had,
fig. 4).  Also,  older blue main-springs tend to be
more brittle and are usually replaced with newer
white alloy material.
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3
Fig. 4