SERVICE & REPAIR: Antique 18 size Model 1883 Full Plate Waltham Bartlett


This series of the American Waltham Co. pocket watch is quite common and evolved from a key wind/key set to the more convenient pendant set /wind models. Since the model numbers refer to years, but don’t necessarily match the year of production, the number designations can be confusing. The same plate layout was used in models “1870”, “1877”, “1879”, and “1883” roughly between the years 1870-1887. This “1883” model was manufactured around 1884, it was one of the first series of pendant wind/set pocket watches that Waltham produced. For a more detail described and gallery see “Waltham Size 18s Model 1883: Images” (this is a great page for the History of Waltham watches in general). These Waltham pocket watches are true workhorses, reliable, repairable (even today), and very accurate.

Service & Repair

This particular watch was in very good condition and was housed in what I call a “Turnip” case (big thick case). The plates, jewels, and pivots were all in good condition. The roller jewel was cracked and was replaced, and the upper center wheel pivot hole also needs to be repaired. After cleaning and repair, the watch ran great. If you need your pocket watch repaired, please my “Home Page”.