Can My Antique or Vintage Watch be Repaired?

Perhaps you have found an antique watch in a box of family heirlooms, or a beautiful old timepiece at an antique store. You wind it and shake it, it may run a bit and then stop, or it may seem frozen in time, no signs of life. Can it be repaired?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Often it is just a matter of servicing the watch and perhaps installing a new mainspring. But other timepieces need substantial mechanical restoration. We have restored some pretty hopeless looking watches.

Parts are sometimes an issue, but if it is a well-known watch make, usually parts can be found. I have a small machine shop and can make parts. I also have outside resources for parts manufacture.

There are, however, some instances were the watch is very damaged or worn, making it challenging to restore successfully. Some low-grade watches (cylinder escapement, cheaper pin pallet, or ‘Timex” watches) just we’re not made to be serviced or repaired, although I have had some success in their restoration. 

If you have any questions, please contact me. I can provide advice over the phone or email. I can also help determine the value of the watch and a rough cost of restoration.