REPAIR & SERVICE: Antique Waltham 1857

Bartlet SN 373464: complete and running. I had a bit of a problem with the hands that you wanted to swap out. The minute hand corrosion on the very thin part of the hand and it actually broke off right at the center once I touched it. So I took the original hands and polished and re-heat treated-blued them so the do look better (see close up photos below).

  • SN 58059…Notice the early stem set works. Almost seems like a prototype. Notice the square hole in the ratchet wheel that is larger than the square on the arbor, looks like this wheel is a replacement. I had to work on the springs some to get the setting/winding to work properly.
  • I also had trouble with the hands to swap out on this one. They were too small to broach out to fit. So again I blued the original hands and they look much better (see photos below).