Repair & Service: “Mimocean” Mimo Vintage Wrist Watch

Never heard of Mimo? Your not alone. Mimo was one of many Swiss Watch companys that operated from the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. They produced many innovative watches, including (apparently) the first 8 day wrist watch, and the First Ladies digital “jump” hour wrist watch (reference “Finding Memo by Bruce Shawkey, NAWCC Bulletin April 2011). They manufactured wrist watches for the German army during WWI and then disappeared after the war. The owner went on to produce watches under the the purchased company name of Girard-Perregaux (who of course went on to become the well known high end luxury watch company).

The pivots were worn on the original balance staff, so a new staff was made.

The stem was severely worn (or poorly remade). A new stem was turned and filed.

The movement was not as pretty as one would like. The plates had weathered well, but the crown and winding wheel had sustaining quite a bit of corrosion over the years. After repair and cleaning it ran well. The dial and hands showing a fine vintage patina.