Rolex Cosmograph Chronograph Service & Repair

Rolex Cosmograph History

The Rolex released its iconic Chronograph in the mid 1960s and carried the “Cosmograph” name. Why Cosmograph? Well, we do know that Rolex released the model 6062 (dubbed the Cosmograph) in the 1950s and it was the first automatic triple calendar moon phase watch in the classic oyster case. But when the 6062 was discontinued the name was put on the shelf and re-emerged on the “Daytona” chronograph. Why Rolex recycled a rather astronomical name to their chronograph I’m not really sure. If any readers know, please send me an email. It is powered by Rolex’s version of the reliable Valjoux 72, the most notable change is the free-sprung balance. For more history see “Everything You Need to Know About Rolex’s Most Popular Watch”

Servicing the Rolex Cosmograph

The movement was disassembled, cleaned and inspected, and found to be in good condition. The case, however, had been well worn and had quite a bit of corrosion underneath the bezel. The case, including the pushers, were disassembled, cleaned and all gaskets replaced and greased with silicone. After servicing, the movement ran well and timed close to its factory specifications.

Disassembly Before Cleaning