SERVICE & REPAIR: Omega 30T2 Military Watch


The Omega 30T2 is a historic wristwatch powered by the dependable Caliber 30T2, a manual-winding movement that was produced from the late 1930s to the early 1960s.

The history of the Omega 30T2 dates back to the time when wristwatches were gaining popularity over pocket watches. The caliber 30T2 movement was an upgrade from its predecessor, the Caliber 19, and featured enhancements such as a larger balance wheel for improved precision and stability. It gained a reputation for its exceptional accuracy, durability, and robustness.

During World War II, Omega supplied a significant number of 30T2 watches to various armed forces, including the British Royal Air Force (RAF). These watches are often referred to as “RAF watches” or “military watches”.

The Omega 30T2 movement remained in production until the early 1960s when it was eventually replaced by the newer automatic movements. However, even after its discontinuation, the 30T2 movement continued to be highly regarded by collectors and watch enthusiasts due to its historical significance, reliability, and its elegant design.

Today these watches have become sought-after collector’s items, with vintage models commanding high prices in the market. They are valued for their timeless aesthetics, precision, and the rich heritage associated with Omega. Visit Vintage-Portfolio for more information on the Omega 30T2.

Service and repair

The service and repair of this movement, which was in very good condition, yielded excellent results. After undergoing a complete disassembly cleaning and oiling, the movement operated smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, during the servicing, the cracked lume on the hands was replaced with aged-looking lume, preserving the vintage aesthetic of the timepiece. Please visit my homepage for more information on getting yiur watch repaired or serviced.