SERVICE & REPAIR: Waltham Appleton Tracy Pocket Watch

This Waltham Appleton Tracy pocket Watch came in in fine shape. The movement had some extreme wear on the center wheel pivots, and a broken balance staff.

Step by step process of making a new balance staff:

Disassembled and cleaned.

Notice the extreme wear on both of the center wheel pivots (see picture below), exhibiting deep wear grooves. Usually the old pivots are removed, holes drilled in the arbor and new pivots are pressed in. But this arbor is hollow so a different method was used. The repair involved turning the existing worn pivots down and making new steel sleeve bearing surfaces to fit over the damaged pivots. This will eliminate further wear on original steel pivots.

After all repairs, the movement is assembled, wheel train ran smoothly, and the balance wheel started right up.

The Waltham Appleton Tracy, a quality key wind/set watch is on the top of my list as one of my favorite pocket watches 🙂