SERVICE: Seiko 5 SNK803 7S26C Movement

A customer sent this relatively new Seiko in for service. Is it worth the cost of servicing the basic Seiko 5 watche, especially newer models that can be purchased new for the cost of a service? Well that depends on the owner. This watch was a gift and it was worth it to him. So we worked out a reasonable price for a complete service (less than the authorized Seiko service center charges). The movement showed coagulated oil and grease, especially in the mainspring barrel and autowind wheel jewels. I am assuming the watch is around 5 years old (I think this model was introduced about 8 years (?) ago, someone correct me if I’m wrong).

It’s also interesting to compare it to the early 1970’s Seiko 5 6119C movement.

After service the watch is timed on a timing machine. The results indicate that in the four common positions it is keeping time within about 20 seconds a day (face up is within .3 seconds/day). Actual performance may very, and could be even better if all averages out.