Vintage Universal Geneve Shadow Automatic Watch Service & Repair

General Information

The Universal Geneve Shadow line was introduced in 1965 and used variations on the Caliber 66 movement. These movements were known as Microroter automatics, featured a very small oscillating weight, and were just 2.5 mm thick. The automatic section is very similar to the Calibre 11 automatic date/chronograph used in Heuer and Breitling. Visit these sites: at this The Shadows of Universal Genève and The History of the Iconic Calibre 11  for more information.

Servicing the Universal Geneve Shadow

The case and movement had been well cared for over the years and did not need any repair beyond complete disassembly, cleaning, polishing the jewels and oil. The anti-shock springs for the escape wheel are very unique and somewhat difficult to reassemble. Follow the process in the sequential images below. Please visit TimePieceShoppe if you need your vintage watch repaired or serviced.